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PREPARE AMERICA is a section of our showroom that is dedicated to emergency foods and supplies.  It features a wide variety of Wise Company Food products and Berkey water filtration systems.

Hikers and campers find that the Wise food meal packets travel easily; and the Berkey Sport bottle will purify water from almost any source - tap, well, stream, river.

Large-scale events like Hurricane Sandy showed us how quickly food and drinkable water became a major concern for many people.  These are the types of situations where families benefit from having emergency food and water filtration systems at hand.
Here are some of the products that we offer:
Grab & Go emergency food buckets - breakfast, vegetables, fruit/snacks, or meat/poultry
Grab & Go emergency food buckets - variety meals
Emergency food sampler packs
Berkey portable water filtration systems - several sizes
Berkey Sport bottles
Berkey replacement filters (2)
Seeds bucket - non-hybrid varieties
Milk Alternative
Dried eggs/Egg crystals
Automobile Guardian kit
Wise Fire - emergency fuel
$122 - $175
$110 - $225
$20 - $40
$143 - $595
$29 - $49
Feel free to stop in to see the PREPARE AMERICA products. Whatever the reason, it pays to be prepared.