Seller Beware – Are you being SCAMMED?

July 10th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Are you looking to sell your gold and silver coins? Do you see all the advertisements for “HOTEL APPEARANCES” by gold buyers? Are you seeing ads that scream, “WE PAY THE HIGHEST!” Well, seller beware. As reported in “Coin World” magazine, these fly-by-night organizations that breeze into and out of town faster than the blink [...]

Silver American Eagles

March 26th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Silver American Eagles were introduced in 1986 and have been immensely popular ever since.  These beautiful 99.99 percent pure silver bullion coins make for great collectibles and affordable investments. They are fun for collectors because they don’t have expensive key dates that can limit the ability to complete a set.  Generally, these coins ebb & flow with the [...]

GOLD – Beautiful, Valuable & Rare

March 13th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

The word gold originates from the Anglo-Saxon word GELO, which means yellow. Gold is the only precious metal that is yellow in color. Gold’s chemical symbol, AU, is derived from the Latin word Aurum, which means shining dawn. Gold has been used in jewelry since the beginning of recorded history (simply look at Ancient Egypt) [...]

Spring Coin Shows

March 6th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Scranton Coin Club Annual Coin Show Dates:  Saturday, March 20th 10am – 5pm  Sunday, March 21st 10am – 4pm Location: Oblates of St. Joseph Seminary 1880 State Highway 315 Pittston, PA 18640 General Info: Free admission and door prizes ——————————————————————- JAG Semi-Annual Coin Currency Jewelry & Collectible Show Dates:  Saturday, April 17th 9am – 5pm  [...]

Half Dollars Key Dates

January 16th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Flowing Hair Half Dollar 1794–1795 History: On December 1, 1794 the first Flowing Hair Half Dollars (approximately 5,300 pieces) – were delivered. Another 18,000 were produced in January 1795 but these coins were produced with a die of 1794, because dies were too expensive to throw out because of the date. Draped Bust Half Dollar [...]

Quarters Key Dates

January 16th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Draped Bust, Small Eagle Quarter 1796 History: The first dime to be circulated was the Draped Bust dime, in 1796. It featured the same obverse and reverse as all other circulating coins of the time, the so-called Draped Bust/Small Eagle design. This design was the work of then-Chief Engraver Robert Scot. Estimated Value: $5,000-$100,000 Depending [...]

Coin Price vs. Coin Value

January 16th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

There is a big difference between the price of a coin, and the value of a coin. Although you often see these words used interchangeably, it is important that you understand the different concepts represented by each. The “PRICE” of a coin is how much it would cost you to buy it from a dealer [...]

Show Notes 1-09-2010

January 16th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

How can Vintage Gold & Coin help customers in these tougher times? Our mission statement has always been: “Do Not Sell Your Gold, Silver Jewelry or Coins.“ Listen, in today‘s difficult times the gold and silver you have been holding can be a valuable source of income at the right time, but there are important [...]

Deciphering Coin Grading Codes

January 9th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Coin grading codes refer to those little letters and interesting tidbits BEHIND the grade itself. You may see a Lincoln Penny graded as XF and carry the letter R as well that drives up the value or is used as a selling point. What does that R mean? Let’s take a look at some of [...]

Show Notes 12-19-09

January 9th, 2010Posted by vintagegc

Are customers holding out for an even higher price before they sell their gold? The interest in “yellow metal” is based on the fact that the price of gold has risen more than $900.00 /oz. since 2002. A few weeks ago the price of gold breached the $1200.00 /oz level. Generally, when the gold price [...]